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Gluten-Free Waffles with Just Spices Pancake Blend

Gluten-Free Waffles with Just Spices Pancake Blend

Who doesn’t like waffles? Who doesn’t like cool things that arrive in the mail? I do, I do. Or wait, is it, I don’t? This is confusing to me in a double-negative kind of way. To clarify, I love both waffles and new vegan products to try out and here we have the perfect storm, waffles made with the newly available in the U.S. organic spice mix, Pancake Blend, from Just Spices. Because I’m kind of a rebel, I decided to use the pancake spice mix in waffles. (I just prefer waffles because, basically, waffles have a bunch of little maple syrup boxes already installed, unlike their flat cousins.)

The Pancake Blend is a mix of warming flavors – think aromatics like cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla – meant to enhance your pancakes and waffles but I can imagine using this spice blend in things like banana bread, sweet potato pie or even just toast. The scent is intoxicating, of course. I could imagine using this blend all winter in my baking. In these waffles, it adds a gently sweet flavor profile. These waffles are made to be fairly neutral in flavor, though, thinking that you will want to add more sweetness to the top in terms of maple syrup, vegan butter and fruit. If you want to up the sweetness of the waffles themselves, add more spices or maple syrup. A flavored milk would also be another option. I wanted to give people two options: the variation with oil is a bit crispier and more traditional than the one with applesauce but both are great.

Check out the exciting options at Just Spices. With recyclable containers and a commitment to quality herb and spice blends that reflect the company’s love for culinary traditions from across the globe, these spices will be a great addition to your cupboard or a fantastic gift.


Gluten-Free Waffles with Just Spices Pancake Blend

1 tablespoon ground flax seeds
3 tablespoons aquafaba or regular water
1 cups plain, unsweetened almond milk or other non-dairy milk
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
2 cups all-purpose gluten-free flour or regular flour
3 teaspoons Just Spices Pancake Blend
2 teaspoons baking powder
teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon maple syrup
3 tablespoons neutral oil

Just Spices Pancake BlendMix together the flax seeds and the liquid. Allow to rest in the fridge for 15 minutes.
Mix together the milk and lemon juice.

In a large bowl, whisk together all the dry ingredients up to and including the salt. In a large measuring cup or medium bowl, add together the milk, maple syrup and oil. Add the flax mixture to this and stir until combined. Add to the dry ingredients until lump-free and add to your heated waffle iron according to waffle iron instructions.

Oil-free option

Substitute three tablespoons applesauce for the oil.

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