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Hot Cocoa Mix Mug

Hot Cocoa Mix Mug

‘Tis the time of the year for holiday prezzies and fun crafts, so why not combine them into one fabulous activity? Hot Cocoa Mix Mugs are a snap to put together and, most important, appreciated by all those on your “nice” list this year. Or, you know, you can make this for yourself so you’ll always have easy access to great hot cocoa. As a gift, consider putting a tag through some snazzy ribbon, writing the simple instructions on it, like this: “Bring 8-ounces hot water to a boil, add two tablespoons of mixed cocoa. Stir until the chocolate chips are melted and you reach the desired temperature. Adding a teaspoon of vanilla extract and vegan whipped cream optional but delightful. Enjoy!” If you want to make something easier but a little less pretty, pre-mix the sugar, cocoa, salt and powdered milk. While you won’t get that cool layered look, it won’t need to be stirred later.
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Hot Cocoa Mix Mug

cup vegan sugar
cup slavery-free, vegan cocoa
cup powdered vegan milk
(I used coconut milk)
A dash salt
slavery-free, vegan chocolate chips
cup vegan mini-marshmallows
(Trader Joe’s has great minis)

In a wide-mouth pint jar, layer the ingredients from sugar at the bottom to marshmallows at the time. I bumped the jar on the tabletop between adding the first three ingredients to flatten it out. Using a wide funnel is also recommended. Once everything is added, put on the lid and the ring. You are good to go! It’s easiest to combine removing the marshmallows and stirring from the bottom with a chopstick. When it’s mostly integrated, add the marshmallows back in stages to distribute them through as well.

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