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The Vegan Street Guide to Quick, Simple and Tasty Vegan Maeal Ideas

Quick, Simple and Tasty Vegan Meal Ideas

So often, we have the right intention to make for our meals but we get a mental block about what to cook. Making the same variation of pasta and veggies every night gets old fast. Here are some templates for quick, nutritious but uncomplicated vegan meal ideas. I often think of my meals along these lines: W + X + Y = Z. I think to myself then, “What else might be a good addition?” Kale? Chickpeas? Sun-dried tomatoes? Millet? This basic formula of simple addition helps to create people who are more intuitive cooks and can think on their feet about what they have available as well as being adaptive when they don’t have everything within reach. Instead of thinking of meals as finished things, I think of components: carbs, veggies, proteins, flavoring elements. Becoming familiar with the different common ingredients in your favorite cuisines also helps you to be able to recreate those dishes at home (for example, Thai food might have peanut butter, lime juice, tamari, etc.) Here are some simple ideas that translate well into meals.

Taco, Burrito or Fajita night =

beans + onions + other sautéed veggies + rice + avocado + salsa + tortillas
(check this out for inspiration).

One-Pot Pasta =
pasta + garlic + veggies + herbs (thyme, basil, oregano, red pepper flakes) + marinara
(like this for example). if you add soaked and drained cashews in the blender with marinara = rich and creamy marinara.

Pad Thai better than what you’d have at a restaurant =
tamari or soy sauce + lime juice + curry paste + peanut butter + garlic + ginger + scallions + Thai basil + cilantro + broccoli + marinated tofu + rice noodles + bean sprouts + peanuts
(like this one).

Cheesy Vegetable Casserole =

rice + dairy-free milk + vegetable broth + nutritional yeast + veggies + herbs + chickpeas + assorted veggies + pine nuts on top and bake
(like this one).

Mujadara =
rice + lentils + parsley + lemon zest + caramelized onions
(like this one).

Pesto Pizza =
pesto + pasta + olives.

Pizza Bread =
French bread + pizza sauce + vegan ricotta + veggies + wrap in aluminum foil and bake.

Easy Bagel Sandwich =
bagels + hummus + romaine lettuce + other veggies of choice (red onion, roasted red pepper, for example). 

Lasagna =
Lasagna noodles (layered with) vegan ricotta + lots of veggies (spinach, onions, garlic) + herbs + marinara
(like this).

Pizza Night =

Pizza crust + pizza sauce + veggies + meatless pepperoni + herbs + cheese.

Don’t Knock It ‘Til You’ve Tried It Peanut Butter Pasta =
peanut butter + tamari or soy sauce + defrosted peas + defrosted corn + brown rice vinegar + steamed broccoli + pasta.

Chili and Baked Potato Night =
baked potatoes + veggie chili (onions + garlic + jalapenos + beans + defrosted corn + tomato sauce + chili powder) + vegan sour cream + scallions.
(This looks like a good recipe).

Chili wraps =
veggie chili (see above) + rice + pickled peppers + red onions + spinach + avocado + tortillas

Dal =
red lentils + garlic + ginger + mustard seeds + cumin + rice
(For example, this one). 

Vietnamese Spring Rolls =

spinach + cucumber + carrots + mint + rice paper skins + peanut sauce
(here is an easy recipe).

Spanish Rice and Beans =
rice + tomato paste + tomato juice + onions + refried beans + cilantro+ tortillas
(for example, this one).

Chinese Stir-Fry =

Marinated extra firm tofu + ginger + broccoli + snow peas + tamari + rice vinegar + rice (or noodles) + brown sauce
(try this one). 

Shepherd’s Pie =
mashed potatoes + veggies + gravy + herbs + beans, crumbles or tofu and baked in a casserole pan
(try this one)

Baked Stuffed Red Bell Peppers
quinoa or millet or rice + veggies + herbs + tomato sauce + hollowed out red bell peppers + pine nuts
(try this for example).

Polenta Marinara =
firm polenta + veggies + marinara + Italian seasonings + cheese
(such as this one).

Mexican Lasagna =
tortillas + salsa + veggies (bell peppers, onions, corn, for example) + beans and bake in a baking pan
(like this one).

Cheesy Pasta =

plain, dairy-free milk + vegetable broth + nutritional yeast + chickpea flour or regular flour + tamari + spices (granulated garlic, onion powder, turmeric) + defrosted peas + broccoli + pasta
(like this one)

Reuben =
rye bread + sauerkraut + marinated tempeh or seitan + thousand island dressing
(such as this one).

No more excuses! Get cooking.

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