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DIY Headache Balm

DIY Headache Balm

There are different kinds of headaches, but specifically around these parts, we’re dealing with the “planning a festival” variety, perhaps better known as a tension headache, the kind you might get after days of sitting in front of a computer, pitching reporters, having stress dreams when you do manage to sleep and then having your stress dreams interrupted when you wake up in a blind panic over a festival that is coming up in just a week and a half. Okay, time to deep breathe. “In with peace, out with anxiety...”

I’m back. Now, this balm will not stop people from emailing you with questions about parking (answered between clenched teeth as, “Just take the train or...park...your...car...”) and it won’t make electricity concerns disappear, but, hey, it may help to lessen or even make your headache disappear and that’s something. Rub a little bit onto your temples, in that webbing between your thumbs and index fingers, or on the back of your neck. Ah...

This combination of oils will gently calm the nerves while smelling sensational.

DIY Headache Balm

1/3 cup coconut oil
10 drops of peppermint essential oil
10 drops of lavender essential oil
4 drops of essential eucalyptus oil

Gently heat the coconut oil until it’s melted. Stir in the essential oils and pour into a container. Old candle tins or small glass containers with lids work well here. Pour into your container and allow to come to solid form. (You can refrigerate it to speed up the process.) Use and enjoy. Store in a cabinet or in the fridge if it’s warm where you live and it will be cool and delicious.

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