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Our Vegan Roskstar Interview with Priscilla Feral

For as much as I complain about social media, I feel so lucky to be in daily communication with people I normally would not have as much access through the magic of Facebook. Priscilla Feral, President of Friends of Animals (FoA) is one such example of someone I have “met” through social media but feel like is a real friend and is definitely an inspiration. Outspoken, passionate and deeply engaged, Priscilla is a powerful, confident voice for the animals, using her platform through FoA to advocate on their behalf, making particular inroads for wild animals that are so often ignored by other advocates but viciously targeted by the government, such as through hunting and “wildlife management” programs.

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A Customizable Script for the Modern Attention- Seeker Who Just Quit Being Vegan
A Customizable Script for the Modern Attention- Seeker Who Just Quit Being Vegan

There are few weeks that go by where someone famous-ish doesn’t announce that they are no longer vegan with great fanfare and dramatics: chefs, athletes, wellness gurus, “personalities,” influencers, and so on. Social media and short attention spans have created the perfect storm for someone who has only embraced veganism superficially to walk away from it in a big public way in a bid to grab more attention and followers.

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Nine Good Communications Strategiesfor Vegans on Social Media: Making Progress 2020Nine Good Communications Strategiesfor Vegans on Social Media: Making Progress 2020

Social media is no longer a shiny new toy and hasn’t been for a while. It is here to stay and as a medium for communication, it can be utilized powerfully and persuasively, but it can also work against our goals just as potently if we’re not careful.

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Our Vegan Foodie Interview with Susan Voisin

Here is our Vegan Foodie interview with Fat Free Vegan's Susan Voisin

We are so delighted to feature the wonderful Susan Voisin of as this week's Vegan Foodie on
Here, Susan talks about the issue nearest and dearest to her heart:  "They may not explicitly say it, but what many plant-based people believe is that their diet protects them from cancer. I think this advice is so dangerous, and whenever I get the chance, I plead with people not to think their diet makes them bulletproof. Eat healthy and exercise, of course, but when it comes to making major decisions about your health, don’t blindly follow anyone on the internet. Even me.
Also, adopt, don’t shop!"
Please check out the whole interview at the link below, which is a "friend" link from Medium, which means it will not count against the total of free articles you can read each month on Medium.

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Our Latest Vegan Street Meme

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Our Latest Vegan Street Recipe

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