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Essential Oil Sinus Mist

Essential Oil Sinus Mist

After dealing with a flooded basement, we were all feeling a little achy and congested in the sinuses. Sinus irritation can lead to anything from an annoying discomfort to raging migraines. One of my favorite ways to relieve sinus irritation is through essential oil steams. Less intense than using a neti pot, a good essential oil steam will feel like a respite at a spa without the expense and it works at relieving congestion and pressure.

Essential OIl Sinus Mist

1 large bowl, glass or metal
1 towel
1 tea pot or medium pot, hot water
3 drops each: peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils

Start heating your water. Add the essential oils to your bowl. Once the water is near boiling, pour it into the bowl and cover with your towel. Allow it to sit for a minute, then lower your head under the towel, keeping the hot, steamy air trapped under it. Be careful: this is hot water in close proximity to your face. If it’s too hot, wait another minute or so with the towel blocking too much heat from escaping. Go back under the tent of your towel, inhaling the scented air as deeply as you can. It’s okay to take breaks if it’s too hot. Sit like this for about five minutes, breathing in those healing oils. When you feel finished, blow your nose. You should feel instantly better!

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