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Fun, Festive & Fabulous Vegan Holidays for Everyone
Vegan Street presents your ultimate guide
to vegan celebrations

• More than 200 pages!
75+ original Vegan Street recipes including 24 exclusive to this e-book
• Full color photos for every recipe
• Tips, puns, historic lore and more
• All recipes are also gluten-free
Order ebook here for only $5.99
or get the deluxe softbound edition here for $28.99

It seems like every day, more and more people are discovering the benefits of a plant-based diet but holidays and other special occasions can still feel like a challenge when you shift away from traditional foods and celebrations. What replaces the customary dishes associated with the holidays? When you hear the words “vegan Thanksgiving,” for example, do you imagine a bunch of wilted sprouts and sad turnips on a platter? Well, we are here to say that if you want to eat wilted sprouts and sad turnips, that’s up to you, but our new e-book, Fun, Festive and Fabulous Vegan Holidays for Everyone: Recipes, Puns, Historic Lore and More to Help You Celebrate Without Compromise, offers anything but that: more than 75 vegan recipes that are robust with flavor and will get you in the mood for celebrating all year-round. Beyond jettisoning the standard foods associated with the holidays, there are many other concerns, like how to host a vegan party in your home without alienating your friends and extended family, and how to break with custom without losing your mind. The fact is, despite the phenomenal growth of veganism, there are still challenges for people who are ahead of the curve.
Vegan Holidays for Everyone to the rescue!

Created by longtime vegans Marla Rose and John Beske of, Vegan Holidays for Everyone offers dozens of published and brand-spanking new recipes - all with color photos - that help you to get your party on without any sacrifice. We celebrate:
* Halloween
* Thanksgiving
* Christmas
* New Year’s Day
* Valentine’s Day
* Easter
* Passover
* Cinco de Mayo
* Fourth of July (and other Summer Shindigs)
* And, of course, your Veganniversary
with panache, style and, dare we say, verve? In addition to being vegan, the recipes are gluten-free, made with accessible ingredients and developed so that anyone from a beginning cook to an experienced chef can successfully recreate in their own kitchens and impress everyone, not just other herbivores.

Beyond the recipes,
Vegan Holidays for Everyone keeps your attention with puns, tantalizing bits of historic lore and lots, lots more. Looking for a minimalist, kind of sleepy cookbook? Look elsewhere. Vegan Holidays for Everyone will keep you engaged, smiling, excited and belly-contented with so much that feeds your soul any day of the year.

Order ebook here for only $5.99
or get the deluxe softbound edition here for $28.99

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