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12. Bring Joy to Your Vegan Practice.

17 Bring Joy to Your Vegan Practice.

There is a yoga teacher I love who talks about being mindful of not forcefully jerking yourself around the yoga mat in pursuit of achieving the perfect poses you are after. The idea is that when you are yanking yourself around the mat, you’re no longer enjoying your practice, nor are you being kind to yourself, and this defeats the whole point of yoga. You’re bringing aggression, judgment, competition and a sense of burdensome obligation to your practice instead. How does this apply to veganism? I think we lose the juicy joy of veganism when it becomes all about lists, rules and tallies or about grief, anger and conflict. When we lose the pleasure, I think our vegan practice becomes more of a chore that we are powering through than something that comes from a deeper core conviction of trying to create a more compassionate and just world. Bring joy to your practice by watching cheerful animal videos, by spending time in nature, by discovering new foods and ingredients, by enjoying how your taste buds have become awakened, by feeling grateful to be able to live at a time when we are able to put our convictions into our daily lives. There are so many ways to bring joy into your vegan practice. Don’t lose sight of them and you will also be modeling to the world someone who is powerfully compelling.

This is a living document and will be updated as new ideas come to us. If you have additional resources that you think should be included here, send us an email.

Best wishes on your vegan journey. You've got this!

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Intro: Welcome new vegan!
1. Finding your way in an imperfect world
2. Make peace with making mistakes
3. Find community
4. Don't overload on disturbing videos and content
5. Develop your vegan voice and assertiveness
6. Stay strong against social pressure and gain resilience as a vegan
7. Learn how to cook, even just a little
8. Technology helps you over hurdles
9. Listen to vegan podcasts
10. Take advantage of other resources
11. The health benefits of a plant-based diet
12. Don't let yourself get famished
13. Expect that your digestive system might take a little while to get straightened out
14. Untangle and tame food cravings
15. Dining out as a vegan
16. A primer on vegan kitchen appliances, tools & gadgets
17. Bring joy to your vegan practice

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