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5. Develop your vegan voice and assertiveness.

5 Develop your vegan voice and assertiveness.

Does this mean trampling over others? No, this means that you taking care of yourself and the emerging, evolving veganism within you. This might look like telling your friends that you can’t meet them at a steakhouse because you don’t want to eat a plain baked potato and suggesting something that works for everyone. It might look like you letting your mother know that, no, your veganism isn’t “ruining” Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving may suck but you won’t take the fall for it. It might look like you telling your co-worker that the bacon jokes are getting a little tired. Humor can be part of your toolbox: saying something like “Did you get a ‘bacon joke of the day,’ daily calendar or something?” gets the point across. Probably because the Humorless, Scowling Vegan is such an entrenched cultural stereotype, I personally let a lot slide but I do not compromise my veganism or allow cruelty to animals to be mocked, at least not without giving as good – or better – derision as I get. Be mindful of the ways you might contort yourself in an attempt to assuage someone else’s discomfort, perceived inconvenience or annoyance. Some practice with assertiveness training goes a long way.

One excellent resource for understanding and defending against a vast array of misleading arguments against veganism is Your Vegan Fallacy Is... It is a treasure trove that is updated all the time.

Don’t ever apologize for doing the right thing.

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Intro: Welcome new vegan!
1. Finding your way in an imperfect world
2. Make peace with making mistakes
3. Find community
4. Don't overload on disturbing videos and content
5. Develop your vegan voice and assertiveness
6. Stay strong against social pressure and gain resilience as a vegan
7. Learn how to cook, even just a little
8. Technology helps you over hurdles
9. Listen to vegan podcasts
10. Take advantage of other resources
11. The health benefits of a plant-based diet
12. Don't let yourself get famished
13. Expect that your digestive system might take a little while to get straightened out
14. Untangle and tame food cravings
15. Dining out as a vegan
16. A primer on vegan kitchen appliances, tools & gadgets
17. Bring joy to your vegan practice

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