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8. Listen to Vegan Podcasts

9 Listen to Vegan Podcasts.

Podcasts can help us feel less alone as vegans and many can actually help us learn more, hear new interpretations of things, question our attitudes as well as expand our communication strategies. I love to listen to podcasts while cooking dinner or on a long car trip. As with the earlier category, the entries with asterisks are the ones that I have personally listened to and love; the others are recommendations from trusted vegans.

* Our Hen House – I love the hens. Our Hen House, a lively podcast that seeks to change the world for animals through their in-depth conversations with change-makers and incisive analysis of the news and current events, was my gateway into the world of podcasts a couple of years ago. I listen every week. 

* Responsible Eating and Living – I love Caryn Hartglass’s dry wit, her earthy warmth, her honesty and her passion for health and veganism. There is so much to explore in her archives here.

* Vegans Rising/Vegan Nation WCUW: Marlene Narrow hosts an impressive weekly radio show/podcast out of Worcester, MA with guests from around the world who are creating a more compassionate world. Marlene, a proud animal rights activist and feminist, is a fearless and thoughtful interviewer.

* Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!: Vegan news and community with a couple of hosts who show that you can take your veganism seriously while still maintaining a sense of humor.

* The Bearded Vegans: Two longtime vegan activists who embrace a thoughtful, pro-intersectional approach without the defensiveness that is so common among white males in the vegan community.

How to Go Vegan: This looks like a great place to get started with a vegan education.

Food for Thought – One of the original vegan podcasters, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau brings thoughfulness and a researcher's acumen to her popular podcast.

Big Fat Vegan Radio: Fabulous friends Laura Yaz and Ben Strothmann, a.k.a. Honey LaBronx, take a fun, celebratory and information-packed approach with the podcast I cannot wait to listen to on my next road trip.

ARZone: Hosted by the wonderful Carolyn Bailey, the AR Zone podcast and interview series has been a mainstay of vegan activists for years but has taken on even more attention to intersectional veganism with more recent episodes.

Teagan Goes Vegan: Described as “a podcast about vegan life,” host Teagan Kuruna interviews guests with a particular focus on showcasing a diversity of vegan voices and their stories. In addition to the interviews, I appreciate that the host considers it her responsibility to focus on evidence-based information in an era of wild and unsubstantiated health claims from many in the vegan world.

Rich Roll: An ultra-endurance athlete, best-selling author and self-described “wellness evangelist,” Rich Roll has weekly conversations with his guests, ranging from thought leaders like Melanie Joy to world famous entrepreneurs like Biz Stone, about health, fitness, nutrition, art, entertainment, entrepreneurship and spirituality.

Brown Vegan: This podcast explores helpful strategies from host Monique Koch for making veganism delicious, affordable, accessible and easy. What could be better?

Main Street Vegan: Hosted by the tireless vegan champion and author Victoria Moran, this podcast is an extension of her Main Street Vegan Academy. Aimed at removing barriers to a vibrant, happy vegan life, the Main Street Vegan podcast takes a welcoming, accept-you-as-you-stumble-and-grow approach with their messaging.

Easy Vegan with JL Fields: Broadcasting out of Colorado Springs, author and coach JL Fields teaches strategies for simplifying veganism, interviews a wide range of guests and just generally helps to make veganism accessible for listeners. I am a friend of JL’s on Facebook and I have long admired her confident and warm demeanor. I look forward to digging into these podcasts one of these days.

Vegetarianism: The Story So Far: Hosted by Ian McDonald of the thoughtful podcast The Vegan Option, this is the podcast for history buffs who like to really delve into a topic. The history of vegetarianism is rich and fascinating, perfect podcast fodder. “From the Ganges plain to the hills of New England, from the iron age to the present day, voices challenge the idea that other animals exist solely for humans.” This sounds like road trip listening.

Livegan Podcast: Interviews with leading animal rights and vegan leaders each week. 

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1. Finding your way in an imperfect world
2. Make peace with making mistakes
3. Find community
4. Don't overload on disturbing videos and content
5. Develop your vegan voice and assertiveness
6. Stay strong against social pressure and gain resilience as a vegan
7. Learn how to cook, even just a little
8. Technology helps you over hurdles
9. Listen to vegan podcasts
10. Take advantage of other resources
11. The health benefits of a plant-based diet
12. Don't let yourself get famished
13. Expect that your digestive system might take a little while to get straightened out
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15. Dining out as a vegan
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